Breakdown Repairs

What We DoBFA provides quick and accurate assessment of breakdown issues by a team of responsive and highly qualified engineering professionals with over 1000 years cumulative experience and 24/7 availability.

The challenge in a breakdown situation is being able to accurately and quickly diagnose the issue and provide a cost benefit engineering solution that restores production fast. This does not mean going for the quick fix; the quick fix approach ends up costing clients money and time they cannot afford. BFA engineers assess the entire process and ask the critical question: what engineering solution will make this work better, last longer and be up and running quickly?

With a team of over 40 experienced mechanical & electrical engineers, fitters, electricians, electronics and machinist with cumulatively over 1000 years of engineering experience, our service team has a vast pool of industrial services knowledge. BFA technicians aim to offer a range of engineering solutions and let you know the optimal approach. BFA is an engineering company that backs up its work with quality management systems including ISO9001.