Consumables and spare parts

Available now from The BFA Group is a complete range of Solvents, additives and cleaning agents to suit your Pad printing and Screen printing requirements, at very competitive prices.

Our solvents range from the ever popular Thinners Universal A and fast drying B to slow drying Retarders such as the versatile Uni Retarder.

Ask about our environmentally friendly CF thinners, (Cyclohexanone Free). PP Primers for pre-treating those difficult product surfaces, Cleaning Agents such as the Parts wash suitable for all cleaning stations including the Teca-Print WG 700 and 900 SERIES.

Additives such as Flow Agents and Print removers readily available to meet your printing needs.

Give our sales team a call, and they will be happy to advise on prices, product information and requirements email us at or