BFA is renowned for supporting every product and spare part it provides its clients. Our suppliers recognize this level of commitment, with many using BFA as the key provider of service support for its product.

BFA is proud to be a strategic partner with the strongest brands in the engineering supply and maintenance industry.

BFA’s 40 plus team of engineers, tradesman and technicians have assessed, repaired, replaced and repaired an incredible diversity of equipment across a broad spectrum of industries from mining to aquaculture; from manufacturing to alpine resorts.

This experience places BFA in a unique position to judge first hand the quality, durability, efficiency and serviceability of nearly every major brand in the pump, hydraulic, filtration, valve and plastics machinery markets.

These insights have been the basis for developing relationship with market leading brands that will deliver the strongest cost/benefit outcome for our clients. The brands that BFA have aligned with are in sync with BFA’s focus on engineering excellence and quality assurance.

Pump Suppliers