HistoryCommencing in July 1988 BF Machinery grew through the recruitment of key personnel and strategic acquisitions. The initial structure of the company was the sales and service division (BF Machinery) and engineering division focused on repair and refurbishment (CBF Engineering). Over time, as the BF Group expanded the number of industries being serviced, the company invested in a purpose built and outfitted 1800m2 engineering workshop capable of managing a wide range of engineering projects.

HistoryThe BF Group initial specialty, and still an important area of today’s business, is the plastics industry. Through a range of strategic alliances with international brands such as Sandretto, Alpine, AFS and Borch and acquisitions of specialists such as Remtron International, the company established itself as the market leader in maintenance, repair, refurbishment and sales of plastics production equipment.

Gradually over several years, the BF Group has diversified from plastics to mining, aquaculture, power and utilities, oil and gas and through the acquisition of Axial Filter Systems and strategic alliances with groups such as PX pumps and Pentair / Fairbanks Morse, we have extended our expertise to cover a wide range of industries.

HistoryIn 2010, the BF Group rebranded itself to reflect its acquisition of Axial Filters and became BFA.

Today, BFA employs over 45 staff, 85 percent who have been with the company for more than 10 years and boasts expertise from a range of industries and skill areas. Throughout its growth BFA has been driven by the need to enhance its processes and the quality of its work, constantly challenging its team to deliver the optimal engineering solution for its clients.


Since 1988, BFA’s value proposition is to deliver of optimal engineering solutions that enhance the performance of our client’s production and processes. The driving philosophy has been a need to build a stronger bottom line for our clients through a cost benefit focus in the engineering solutions we provide. Our culture of determined problem solving combined with integration of quality management systems through ISO9001 ensures that clients are informed through every step.

Clients value our assessment and reporting with its clear focus on the cost benefit analysis of suggested solutions. BFA’s strong relationship with its client has allowed it to gain an acute understanding of the internal cost pressures our clients face. BFA is responsive to its clients needs and constantly recommends and implements solutions that reduce the clients demand for our services.

BFA have been referred to as the “SAS of maintenance engineering” because we just don’t give up on problem. Since it’s beginning, BFA has focused developing a holistic approach to engineering servicing, seeking to understand the full process and people involved in any production line activity. Rather than subject clients to continual maintenance on a specific component, we often recommend process and operator changes that extend the life cycle significantly to reduce production downtime.

Recommending and delivering optimal engineering solutions, as opposed to providing a sub-optimal quick fix or an over-engineered solution, is a hallmark of BFA’s approach. The diversity of engineering experience of our people, the projects we undertake and the range of industries we operate in means we have an acute understanding of the time, production and cost pressures clients face.

The Environment

BFA is committed to environmental best practice, and the continual improvement of its environmental performance, recognising its obligations both locally and globally, to present and succeeding generations. BFA disposes of waste in an environmentally acceptable way and employs the use of accredited ISO 14000 waste disposal organisations.

Social Responsibility

BFA acknowledges its responsibilities, adopting a pro-active attitude for both the environment and the community. Since it’s its inception in 1988, BFA has always had a strong involvement in the community and actively promotes environmental awareness throughout all levels of the organisation.

BFA’s commitment to social responsibility is illustrated in the following activities:

  • Sponsoring several community sporting associations.
  • Sponsoring and supporting youth and young achievers.
  • Actively operating trainee and apprenticeship programs.
  • Regularly maintaining fleet vehicles to minimise environmental impact.
  • Employing environmentally compliant cleaning stations.
  • Utilising cross-contamination triple interceptor system.
  • Ensuring solids and liquids recycling.